About Us

About Us

About SeromYx

SeromYx applies Systems Serology to measure antibody effector function—after infection, vaccination, or treatment with monoclonal antibody therapeutics. Beyond neutralization, these extra-neutralizing antibody functions, mediated by the Fc region, recruit innate immune cells to drive clearance of the pathogen, infected cell, or tumor cell.  

Built on a unique combination of 12 high throughput assays and machine learning computational analysis, the SeromYx Systems Serology platform determines what function or combination of functions drives efficacy. By understanding features associated with protection, we help biopharma companies design future vaccines and immunotherapies to specifically elicit those functions to make better products. 

Founded in July 2019, SeromYx was established to commercialize the Systems Serology platform developed by Dr. Galit Alter at the Ragon Institute of Harvard/MIT/MGH, with the support of DARPA and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. SeromYx operates on a fee for service business model with no entanglement of client IP.

Our Mission

Use our proprietary tools to provide our clients with unprecedented insight into immune function so that they can discover and develop better vaccines, immunotherapies, drugs and diagnostics.

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