Correlating antibody effector function to product efficacy

Helping biopharma analyze mechanisms of humoral immunity to develop potent antibody therapeutics and protective vaccines.


Systems Serology combines high-throughput assays and computational analysis for unprecedented insight into immune function.

The SeromYx Advantage


Robustly and repeatably process thousands of samples


Unique breadth of assay offering, characterizing both function and biophysical attributes


Machine learning algorithms to interpret high dimensional datasets and avoid overfitting


Extensive experience of senior staff to customize projects to client needs and interpret results

Application Areas


Determining antibody features that predict successful treatment


Identifying antibody effector functions that are correlated with vaccine-induced immunity


From immune correlates
and mAb function to vaccine
clinical development


Biologics 2024, London, UK

March 13-15, 2024

March 13 – SeromYx is holding a workshop featuring Alicia Chenowith, PhD, Kings College; Shashi Jatiani, PhD, SeromYx Systems, and Professor Sophia Karagiannis, PhD, Kings College as Moderator.

Visit us at Booth #21 throughout the conference.

World Vaccine Congress, Washington, DC

April 1-4, 2024

April 3 – Lenny Moise, PhD, SeromYx Systems will be presenting “Correlates of Protection in the COV002 Trial of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 (Vaxzeria): A Systems Serology Analysis”.

We will be at booth #623 all week!

Fc Mediated Summit, Boston, MA

April 17, 2024

Lenny Moise, PhD, SeromYx Systems will be presenting “Broad Fc Effector Function Profiling for Safer and More Effective Antibody Therapeutics”

Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Europe, London, UK

June 4-6, 2024

Comprehensive High Throughput Fc Effector Function Profiling as a Strategy for Improved Efficacy and Safety of Antibody Therapeutics

Festival of Biologics, Basel, Switzerland

October 15-17, 2024

We are attending! Check back for more information!

World Vaccine Congress Europe, Barcelona, Spain

October 28-31, 2024

We are attending! Check back for more information!

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics, San Diego, CA

December 15-19, 2024

We are attending! Check back for more information!

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